Access Consulting

Access Auditing & Appraisals

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p.ple offer access auditing and appraisals of existing premises in accordance with relevant Australian Standards. We tailor our audits according to Client requirements. For example, we can undertake audits of entire premises or specific elements / areas (including wayfinding).

We are equipped with the latest auditing tools (including door pressure gauge, smart digital level, laser distance measurers, colour contrast reader) to ensure accurate information is collected and reported.

Design Advice & Reviews

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p.ple are well versed in the minimum access requirements for refurbishments and new builds. We advocate that advice regarding access be sought at inception and reviews be undertaken throughout each project to ensure that it is suitably integrated into the design. This approach minimises the likelihood of late design modifications due to access, associated time delays, and future liability associated with non-compliance (Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1992).

Our international experience and research enables us to advise on best practice and accordingly provide supportive performance solutions. We are particularly specialised in advising in age care (dementia) and autism spectrum disorder. We believe in evidenced-based design and strive to issue this evidence with all best practice design recommendations.

Other Access Services

The other access services that p.ple offer are as follows:

  • Wayfinding advice and design

  • Management Plans

  • Access Action Plans (Access Plans)

  • Luminance contrast advice and data

  • Primary research