Photograph by Kim Dumayne ( )

Photograph by Kim Dumayne (

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Emily Sproule, Founder

MSc. Env Psych, BUrbanEnvPlan(Hons), DIP. Int.DeS, Cert IV Access Consulting

Emily is passionate about people [p.ple].

Her background in interior design, urban and environmental planning, environmental psychology, and research provides her with practical experience and theoretical knowledge of how accessibility and inclusivity can be implemented into the built environment. This background spans both Australian and international contexts whilst working for large firms like Arup, as well as smaller firms, FMSA Architecture, and local government, Gold Coast City Council.

She has a keen interest about how people with neurodiverse conditions, including dementia and autism spectrum disorder, interact and wayfind in external environments. Her research has informed the development of checklists for designers to use in the design of such environments.

Emily is an approachable, dedicated person who is interested in working with likeminded individuals to improve and establish more inclusive environments.