Confidential Feasibility Study

Client: Confidential

Location: PArkville, MELBOURNE

Timeframe: Sept. ‘18 - Current

p.ple are undertaking a feasibility study for a University of Melbourne college with FMSA Architecture. The project involves the identification of development opportunities for additional accommodation and business development. The site is constrained by existing buildings and requires consideration of the current and future functions of the college to appropriately infill with development.

Our involvement includes input on suitable infill locations, accessibility and planning requirements.

METEC Driver Training Masterplan

Client: METEC

LOCATION: Bayswater North, VIC.

TIMEFRAME: Oct. ‘18 - current

p.ple are undertaking a masterplanning exercise for METEC Driver Training with FMSA Architecture. METEC Driver Training are a non-for-profit organisation focused on educating younger drivers. They are situated on 25 acres of land which houses several classrooms and 5km of private closed roads including traffic features.

The project involves developing a masterplan (plans and report) for the consolidation and upgrade of their on-site building stock into a single training facility. The intention of this project and our documentation is to bid for external funding to support the facility’s future expansion.